Eye pain with decreased vision in a 70 year old

Posted by - Posted on 08/13/2016 22:52:52 Glaucoma

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70 yeat old presents with 2 day history of eye pain, minimal redness, IOP 42 mm Hg  and vision of 20/40 OD. OS was normal.  Slit lamp exam findings are as shown in the attached photos. AC deep with 1 + cells and trace flare. Angles were open to CBB.

What is the mostl likely diagnosis?  How do you manage this patient

Diagnosis:  Posner- Scholssman syndrome

Likely Herpatic etiology

Treatment consists of topical pred drops QID along with topical and oral glaucoma meds. Some people use oral acyclovir as well. Usually resolves within 2-3 weeks.  

Some patients have recurrent episodes with permenant increase in IOP that may need surgical intervetion

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