Bilateral central visual field defects

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54 year old female has the attached visual field defects. The most successful strategy to prevent her from loosing her central vision is what? 

Answer:  This patient has visual field defects that are focal, deeper, closer to fixation and hugging the midline. A female middle aged patient with this defects is most likely to have normal tension glaucoma.  

Fun Facts

Local vascular factors play an important role. More likely to suffer with migrane and raynaud phenomenon vs POAG.

According to the CNTGS, 30% IOP reduction will reduce the rate  of VF progression to 12% from 35% suggesting that IOP does play a role.

The optic nerve appearence  in NTG can be pale with shallow cupping and sloping neuroretinal rim (senile sclerotic group) or with deep focal notch (focal ischemic group) 

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