We are an educational organization based in New Orleans, Louisiana. We were established in 2006, to provide online education and training to medical Residents at Tulane University Medical School, who were dispersed all over the country as a result of Hurricane Katrina.

Since 2006, we have grown steadily, and have expanded our operations so that we now reach physicians, residents and Fellows throughout North America (the USA and Canada) and Latin America. We offer live course packages several times a year, but all our packages and individual courses are available at all times here, on this website. Our courses are at present limited to the field of ophthalmology, but we plan to expand to cover other specialties (such as internal medicine) in the near future.

Our courses and methods of operation reflect our underlying philosophy and approach to medical education, which is:

  • To provide world-class medical education and training
  • In unique courseware & course packages,
  • Taught by leading experts in their fields, and
  • Delivered completely online

The courses you will see on this website are at present targeted on two groups of medical professionals:

  • Practicing Ophthalmologists, and
  • Residents & Fellows in training to become practicing ophthalmologists.